BoleBaba Yoga y Astrología Védica

BoleBaba Yoga y Astrología Védica

BoleBaba Yoga y Astrología Védica is a yoga and Vedic astrology teacher. They help firstly to have a holistic vision of the planet-Vedic astrology system-Yoga system relationship and secondly, to have valuable lessons for yoga teachers who work with the energy centers and with the sublimation (transport of Prana) of the Kundalini energy. The Vaidyas (Ayurvedic doctors raised in the heart of the Vedic traditions) used astrology to guide and heal patients. Today, aspirants “masters” of Yoga (Shivananda, Hatha, Vinyasa, Astanga etc) and/or “teachers” of Tantra or “Neo-Tantrism” lack the knowledge of the sacred texts of India. Astrology is a masterpiece, essential and extremely necessary at the time to impart classes of Yoga, Tantra, or in the Ayurvedic diagnosis / cure. Astrology, mathematics and numerology are tools through which the sacred texts of India are based to calculate the cycles of the universe (Yugas) and the periods (120 years) of the human being.

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