Indie Picks by Indie Creators—Bridget Walsh

As an artist from Aotearoa who is out here in the big wide world trying to carve out her career, I thought I’d use this platform to shout out to some other creatives from New Zealand who are sharing their work with the world via Patreon. Some of them are more well-known artists who are utilising Patreon to strengthen their connection with their fans and communities, and a couple of them are organisations who are using Patreon to support their work in showcasing the art and music of other creative folk from New Zealand too. Let’s go!

About Bridget
Bridget’s been touring with UK bands since 2013. She’s taken the stage at a number of iconic global venues and festivals, including Glastonbury, Isle of Wight, Boomtown and many more. Her new project, 10:32, features Lyle Barton on keys, Radovan Brtko on drums and Digby Lovatt on bass. Check out Bridget Walsh’s Patron Hunt profile.

Bridget’s Picks

Contemporary HUM

As a kiwi artist abroad, it makes sense that Contemporary Hum would resonate with me. Although their focus is the visual arts, Contemporary Hum is a showcase, publication, forum and events calendar for the international work of artists from New Zealand. With a team in Paris, Lisbon and London, Contemporary Hum use Patreon’s “per item” model, to support their fortnightly, online long-form publications, and help keep their organisation going.

Find Contemporary HUM online: Patreon, Twitter, Instagram, Website

Jordan Rakei

I’m a huge fan and follower of Jordan’s work, so when I found out earlier this year that he had launched a Patreon, I was very keen to get on board. Jordan was born in Aotearoa, grew up in Melbourne and is now based in the UK like me – he’s a vocalist, producer and multi instrumentalist and prolific composer and collaborator. His Patreon gives fans and music nerds like me the chance to better understand his creative process, to learn from his tips and hacks, and to discuss his and our own music with him directly. It’s a big vibe and I’m super grateful to have creative access to an artist like Jordan. He’s also hilarious and I hope one day we can be friends, ha ha.

Find Jordan Rakei online: Patreon, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, SoundCloud, Website


Probably the artist on my list with the most mainstream success so far (and another kiwi artist based abroad) I’ve been a long time fan of Kimbra and her work. I joined her Patreon last year to not only get access to exclusive musical goodies but, as someone who does regular livestream performances myself, it was affirming to be able to watch Kimbra in a more stripped back setting as well, and know that my live streams were actually going ok too! I’ve seen Kimbra perform live four times around the world I think, and every show has been hugely different in vibe, presentation and set-up, so watching her do something completely different again on a livestream, was just a new version of experiencing her art. I’m sure Kimbra makes a little bit of cash from her almost 300 patrons each month too which, in these Covid times, has to be a nice bit of pocket money each month!

Find KIMBRA online: Patreon, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Merch, Website, Facebook

Black Creatives Aotearoa

My friend and super talented artist, producer, rapper and all round creative legend, Mazbou Q, is a UK-born, Tāmaki Makaurau based Nigerian-Kiwi rapper – and he was recently interviewed by Black Creatives Aotearoa, which is how they came to be on my radar. BCA is a community of black artists based in New Zealand, who “support and facilitate black creatives across the country to connect, create and collaborate”. They have a spectrum of tiers for people to choose from, and I love their Patreon offering: “Black Creatives Aotearoa are creating change across New Zealand’s creative landscape”. Stoked to be able to support their work in Aotearoa from afar.

Find Black Creatives Aotearoa online: Patreon, Instagram, Website, Facebook

Chris Dent (Albi)

Another friend of mine, Chris, aka Albi of folk band Albi & the Wolves, is a vocal and guitar powerhouse who started a Patreon last year after the pandemic cancelled all the shows, tours and festivals he and his band had booked in. I had in fact had a Patreon bubbling away since 2015 I think, but it was Chris posting about his Patreon on instagram that kicked my butt into gear to relaunch mine with a new focus for these challenging times. Albi has three different tiers for people to have access to a monthly cover, some new and unreleased tunes and even options to learn his craft from him directly.

Find Chris Dent online: Patreon, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook

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