Carolyn Johnson

Carolyn Johnson

Carolyn Johnson offers group BodyTalk sessions with them as a teacher, author, Certified BodyTalk practitioner, mother of 2, intuitive, and mentor. They share the healing work they do in an online format to catalyze shift and support a better world, one body at a time. For people interested in deeper healing and growth, there are always individual sessions that support you on the path to health in the 5 main areas of body, mind, spirit, heart, and soul. Autism has personally impacted them through their daughter’s diagnosis in 2010. They have experienced the healing power of energy medicine and BodyTalk for Autism. Their specific interest in Autism recovery has lead them to write one book already, Becoming Real: Our Journey Through Autism. So tap in these sessions as they show you in the videos. Tap them in for your kids and family who want to receive the sessions. Im honored to support you in your journey and happy to do certain session focus areas if you send them requests for topics.

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