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Thank you for claiming your profile. We’re excited to have you join the party. We have two ways you can claim your Patron Hunt profile:

  1. Reach out directly on social media (click on one of the options below)
  2. OR complete and submit the form below, and we’ll reach out to you.

Using this form: to make sure we’re not giving your profile to some rando, after you submit this form we’ll reach out to you using one of your online locations listed in your Patron Hunt profile. For example, if you’re on Twitter, we’ll probably reach out to you there to confirm. If you’d prefer we use a specific location to reach out to you, please tell us in the form below (just make sure it’s a location that’s already listed in your profile).

If you don’t want us to reach out through one of your currently listed locations in your profile, please use our contact form instead to let us know. Or you can hit us up on Twitter or Instagram.

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