Cosmic Flow Yoga

Cosmic Flow Yoga

Cosmic Flow Yoga is honored to be your teacher. When they started taking yoga classes over 7 years ago, they could never have fully foreseen the journey that it would end up taking them on. Raised as a dancer, they have always loved moving their body, and at first, they mostly thought of yoga as an amazing physical exercise. But as their practice steadily blossomed into a daily ritual, they realized more and more that yoga wasn’t just stretching their body – it was a moving meditation that was stretching their heart, mind and soul as well. Their hope is to provide you with the space in which you are able find the stillness necessary to tune into your inner wisdom and the cosmic magic that we are all made of, as well as to guide you in integrating what you learn on your mat into your life off of the mat. That is where the real practice begins. It is their deepest honor to practice with you. Thank you for showing up to do the work that makes this world a better place.

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