Erika Heidewald

Erika Heidewald

Erika Heidewald is a neurodiversity theorist and advocate for autism as an identity group and demographic. They present an alternative to the medical model of autism and neurodiversity – they are not a medical professional and that’s important. The medical model of autism is based in eugenics and relies on biased research paid for by special interests (like the anti-vax movement). Adult autistic voices are systematically shut out from the autism industry, medical establishment, and scientific community. As someone disabled by society, their voice doesn’t have a mainstream outlet and their financial situation is precarious, so the survival of neurodiversity theory and disability activism is at stake. All neurotypes are welcome here because everyone deserves to understand their own mind. No neurotype is better or worse than another and all are capable of morality, empathy, and intelligence – they just use very different processes to determine them. They will share their own theories, analyses of current scientific research, links to outside resources, as well as provide one-on-one conversation for those who desire a more personal approach. Their goal is for everyone to know how their brain works, know how other people’s brains work, be able to appreciate their strengths, and advocate for societal change to create a world that fits all of us and allows all of us to be ourselves and use our brains for what they are good at, not try to force them to do things they can’t.

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