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Jellybean Green is a popular ASMR video artist who uses a combination of compassion and humor to make both traditional videos as well as unexpected ones. Her videos consist mostly of beautifully executed role plays, but she also produces straight up tingly sounds and soft-spoken activities. She’s notable for her deeply honest, compassionate and kind personality and approach. Truly, her channel is a place where people find refuge, safe space and a place to recharge.

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Jellybean Green’s Picks

Portrait of Alie Ward, creator of Ologies—Alie is a white woman with wavy dark red hair and blue eyes looking curiously into the camera. There's definitely a little bit of wit in her demeanor.


Alie Ward is a humorist and award-winning science correspondent who hosts Ologies, a science podcast in which she “asks smart people stupid questions.” In over 200 episodes, Alie has covered topics ranging from insects, to sex, to outer space, all with her signature knack for making absolutely any topic seem fun, interesting, and accessible.

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Title image of ASMR Jonie featuring an illustration of Jonie on the right—a young white woman with medium-long brown hair and brown eyes—and three Polaroid-style photos of her from her various ASMR videos on the left.

ASMR Jonie

Jonie has been creating both English and Spanish language ASMR content on YouTube for over six years. Specializing in makeup and medical role plays, Jonie brings a genuine warmth to her videos that leaves her viewers feeling as though they’ve just spent time with an old friend.

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Photo portrait of Brigit Anna McNeill, a young white woman with long brown hair walking along a wooded path carrying a wicker basket, a small dog trailing a couple of feet behind her.

Brigit Anna McNeill

Brigit Anna McNeill is a forager, herbalist, author, and wild plant medicine teacher. Via her popular Facebook page, she offers a vast amount of knowledge about herbal remedies that may be found in the wild, as well as beautifully written passages about nature, spirituality, and inner healing.

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Video still from one of elo ASMR's videos. She's a young white woman with blonde hair smiling warmly at the camera.

elo ASMR

elo is an ASMR YouTuber who makes a variety of creative, calming videos. Her distinctively gentle, thoughtful presence infuses each of her videos with a feeling of safety and care. In addition to traditional style ASMR role plays, elo publishes ASMR vlog-style content, covering topics such as social issues, autism, and toxic family dynamics.

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Header image for enfleshed. The title reads, "HELD Blessings For The Depths Available For Order - Sliding Scale"


enfleshed creates spiritual resources such as prayers, liturgies, art, meditations, teaching, and other resources. Their focus is to center the wisdom, experiences, and desires of those traditionally on the fringe of dominant institutions, theologies, and politics. They write that their values “align with the poets, the healers, the truth-tellers, the tender and fierce, the messy and untidy, the seekers, the queer, and the strange ones across spiritual traditions.”

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Video still from one of The Green Witch's videos. The Green Witch, a young white woman with upswept blonde hair and a stud nose ring, is leaning over a small sauce pot atop a stove, stirring the contents of the pot.

The Green Witch

Annabel is a witch, artist, and herbalist. On her YouTube channel, Annabel shares beautifully filmed, softly spoken tutorial videos featuring magickal spells, rituals, and recipes.

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Header image for Lauren Ostrowski Fenton. The night sky with a large full moon to the right, with the title "Lauren Ostrowski Fenton Guided meditations for life" centered over the image.

Lauren Ostrowski Fenton

Lauren creates guided meditation videos on YouTube, with a focus on meditations that help with sleep. With a background in yoga, bodybuilding, general fitness, and counseling, Lauren’s qualifications enable her to make content that is not only calming, but is uniquely tailored for general well-being.

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