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The Canipa Effect header image of the title The Canipa Effect written in comic style letters with a pink background.

The Canipa Effect

The Canipa Effect is a popular series of videos, produced by Callum May, covering the future of anime and the individuals that shape it, as well as anime mythbusters. The videos cover a wide range of topics throughout the production process, all the way from planning an idea for an anime to marketing and licensing …

Illustrated self-portrait of By.Vegalia wearing a tiara.

By. Vegalia

By. Vegalia is a multi-disciplinary artist who makes and sells an extremely popular collection of digital brushes for illustrating several types of hair such as curls, coils, braids, plaits, twists, baby hair and more, including over 50 different curl brushes and more than 40 braid brushes. She posts tons of quick, easy-to-follow digital drawing tutorials …