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Rook Feld

Rook Feld

Rook Feld is a self-described gender jester, weirdo with style, Bezier curve specialist, crowdpleaser, messy painter, poet, and TTRPG designer. A prolific multi-talented artist, they create a great deal of distinctive visual art including illustrations, collage, video and written texts. They also create many unique interactive games. Find Rook Feld online: Patreon Ko-fi Instagram Itch.io …

Elizabeth St. Hilaire

Paper Paintings by Elizabeth St. Hilaire

Elizabeth St. Hilaire is a full time artist and Golden Artist Educator who specializes in gel printing and hand painted paper collage who invites you to be inspired by mixed media techniques with her. Learn from her through clear, concise, instructional videos in her Tutorial Tidbits series on YouTube. Learn more about what’s going on …

A Bit of Birdsong - mixed media art by Lynn Hasty

A Bit of Birdsong

A Bit of Birdsong is powered by Lynn, a paper and mixed media artist in North Carolina. She loves sharing junk journals, new ideas, and especially making journals from trash and recycling. She publishes regular uploads of what she’s making, new things she’s found to work with in her workshop (which she calls “Papertown”), tutorials, …