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Still from ATMOSPHERE sci-fi series, a medium shot of Anastasia in a silver space suit.


Anastasia is the creator of ATMOSPHERE on YouTube. She’s an actor, director, editor, sound designer, script writer, costume designer. To say she creates roleplay ASMR videos is to vastly understate the impact of her artistry. Each video is like a time machine taking us to intimate moments in the future, the past and alternate universes …

Close up photo of ASMR artist, Sarai, looking into the camera while holding a magnifying glass with one hand and tapping on it with the fingertips of her other hand.

Peace and Saraity ASMR

Peace and Saraity creates ASMR videos to help destress you with her soothing voice and hypnotizing mannerisms, in the hope of giving you “magical tingles or sending you to dream land.” Her popular and prolific YouTube channel features mostly upbeat personal attention role-plays. A veritable Rembrandt with makeup, she’s a master of fun series like …

ediyasmr - photo of Ediya Daulet standing on the beach, the waves in the background, her hands in a prayer pose in front of her chin, smiling


ediyasmr makes ASMR videos for self-healers on YouTube. She’s a hypnotherapist and meditation coach, and loves sharing her knowledge of Tantric energy work through digestible videos. She produces videos weekly, mostly Personal Attention Reiki Healing videos where you can receive healing and learn how to work in harmony with your energy body. She also shares …

BehindTheMoons ASMR artist


BehindTheMoons is an ASMR content creator on YouTube, Twitch streamer, and sometime photographer. Their ASMR content includes relaxing sounds from various objects such as show and tell videos, sounds and triggers video, and roleplay videos featuring friendly discussion, comforting environment, personal attention. They grew up and live in France and release videos in both French …

Illustration of a woman standing on the head of a whale while fishing in the ocean.

Jellybean Green

Jellybean Green is a popular ASMR video artist who uses a combination of compassion and humor to make both traditional videos as well as unexpected ones. Her videos are a mostly beautifully executed role plays, but she also produces straight up tingly sounds and soft-spoken activities. She’s notable for her deeply honest, compassionate and kind …

fastASMR header image, an illustration of a puppy asleep in a hammock on a tropical beach at night


fastASMR makes popular ASMR (aka АСМР, 音フェチ) videos to help you relax or battle insomnia, sleeping problems, anxiety and other ailments. “…trying to make the world a more peaceful place one video at a time and providing everyone with  relaxation.” She has a seriously positive and accepting vibe, embracing everyone from all walks of life. …

Silver Hare

Silver Hare

Silver Hare (aka Tyler Guillory) creates relaxing ASMR videos, frequently with an energy healing vibe, including Reiki sessions, delivering double the goodies in one shot. He published his first Reiki video in 2017, so he has a vast archive of content to enjoy. Find Silver Hare online: Patreon YouTube PayPal Twitter Instagram Facebook

Reiki With Anna

Reiki With Anna

Anna is a Reiki Master Practitioner who creates ASMR Reiki healing sessions on YouTube to support anyone who is looking to invite more alignment and balance in their lives. Her aim is to spread seeds of compassion, kindness, and personal empowerment. She also creates character-based ASMR videos and She’s quite prolific and has been creating …

Reiki Healing Hope

Reiki Healing Hope

Reiki Healing Hope creates video content including energy healing sessions, tarot card pulls, esoteric tutorials, inspiration + motivation and other things intended to make you smile. Their Patreon includes self care healing techniques, meditations,tutorials, a monthly energy healing circle, tarot readings, live Q&A and more. Additionally, they produce a podcast titled, “Organize Your Purpose” featuring a …