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ediyasmr - photo of Ediya Daulet standing on the beach, the waves in the background, her hands in a prayer pose in front of her chin, smiling


ediyasmr makes ASMR videos for self-healers on YouTube. She’s a hypnotherapist and meditation coach, and loves sharing her knowledge of Tantric energy work through digestible videos. She produces videos weekly, mostly Personal Attention Reiki Healing videos where you can receive healing and learn how to work in harmony with your energy body. She also shares …

Yolanda The Energetic Alchemist

Yolanda, The Energetic Alchemist

Yolanda, The Energetic Alchemist hosts the Reiki Radio Podcast and teaches Reiki, intuitive development, elemental balancing and chakra mirroring. Yolanda’s also the founder of The Alchemy Circle and creator of The Seekers Circle, which has become an international community of energy-workers. She trained with internationally recognized Reiki Masters in the lineages of Usui Reiki Ryoho …