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Illustration of the two characters from the webcomic, Vampire Girlfriends. Two girl vampires lounging happily with the words Sweet Dreams written above them.


Potchimew (Ayanna Johnson Steptoe) is an Afro American comic artist and colorist. She’s been drawing a webcomic since 2019 that has over 87K subs on Webtoon Canvas called Vampire Girlfriends, about the modern lives of two vampire girlfriends. Her second webcomic series is Memories of Amisi. Having lost her memory, with no idea who she …

Illustration of a giant lizard in a city being attacked by military jets, from the visual novel game Kaiju Crush

Bwillett Comics

Bwillett is the artist name of Colorado-based artist Barbara Willett. She started her first original series, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, an all-ages Magical Girl inspired adventure set in Connecticut, in 2007 and in 2012 started her first full-color series, Midnight Menagerie, an adventure/horror/harem comedy that acts as a love letter to classic horror. In addition to her webcomics, …