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A montage of illustrations by artist Chandra Free.

Chandra Free

Chandra Free is the creator of the darkly humorous comic, THE GOD MACHINE graphic novel series. Free is a comics creator, illustrator, writer, and newly, a publisher at Machina Corpse. They’ve worked on JOHN CARPENTER’S TALES FOR A HALLOWEEN NIGHT, FRAGGLE ROCK, MICE TEMPLAR, FIRST OFFERINGS, two of the GRAPHIC CANON books, and various other comics projects. THE GOD MACHINE is an ongoing graphic …

Illustration by Sarah Nelson of a male vampire licking a flower causing some of the petals to fall off.

Sarah Nelson

Sarah Nelson is a creator of comics, writing and drawing them herself. They’re often dramatic stories revolving around the scary, dark, or just plain weird, though she isn’t a stranger to drawing comedy and action as well. Her recent project is DANIEL, a free online graphic novel of the vampire-horror kind for mature audiences. DANIEL is set …

Illustration of a scary space monster that looks a little bit like an eel with wings, by Sarah Dahlinger

Sarah Dahlinger

Sarah Dahlinger is an artist who draws and sculpts monsters and animals for books, games, and film. She’s also a scientific illustrator focused on vertebrate anatomy. She’s created art for ETLOK Studios, Cinemo Galactic, Paizo, Monte Cook Games, Centipede Press, Evil Hat Productions, the National Park Service, the Texas A&M University (for herpetology), and many …