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Whispers of the Wolf Reiki ASMR

Whispers of the Wolf

Whispers of the Wolf is a YouTube channel by Silke Dewulf. She publishes authentic distance Reiki ASMR videos every week. Her kind, gentle and humble approach is her trademark. Her videos are frequently shot POV, adding to that feeling of really being there with Silke for a personal Reiki treatment. Her patrons get access to …

Greenred Productions

Greenred Productions

Greenred Productions creates and shares relaxing music with binaural beats, solfeggio frequencies, positive affirmations, hypnosis sessions and more. They also create relaxing instrumental music for hand pans, cello, piano, rhodes, guitars and many more. Paying subscribers get access to the highest quality recordings that are far superior fidelity to what is available on YouTube. Find …

Tip of the Moon energy healing

Tip of the Moon

Tip of the Moon is an energy healer, candlemaker, and witch. She has a popular YouTube channel where she shares Reiki ASMR and guided meditation videos. Viewers love her calming, intimate, authentic presence. These aren’t role-play videos. They’re authentic energy healing sessions. You can book a personal distance Reiki session with her, on her website. …

Healer Genevieve close up photo of Genevieve a young white woman with long curly hair.

Healer Genevieve

Healer Genevieve creates ASMR and healing videos on her YouTube channel. Her authenticity and warm accepting kindness have quickly made her popular. Each healing video has a theme and a message to carry you into the healing process of intuitive knowing and self trust. She also offers a personalized mentorship program. Find Healer Genevieve online: …

ediyasmr - photo of Ediya Daulet standing on the beach, the waves in the background, her hands in a prayer pose in front of her chin, smiling


ediyasmr makes ASMR videos for self-healers on YouTube. She’s a hypnotherapist and meditation coach, and loves sharing her knowledge of Tantric energy work through digestible videos. She produces videos weekly, mostly Personal Attention Reiki Healing videos where you can receive healing and learn how to work in harmony with your energy body. She also shares …

Yolanda The Energetic Alchemist

Yolanda, The Energetic Alchemist

Yolanda, The Energetic Alchemist hosts the Reiki Radio Podcast and teaches Reiki, intuitive development, elemental balancing and chakra mirroring. Yolanda’s also the founder of The Alchemy Circle and creator of The Seekers Circle, which has become an international community of energy-workers. She trained with internationally recognized Reiki Masters in the lineages of Usui Reiki Ryoho …

Jessica Lanyadoo astrologer and psychic medium

Jessica Lanyadoo

Jessica Lanyadoo is an internationally respected astrologer and psychic medium with fans and clients across the globe. She’s been working to help people help themselves in one on one consultations since 1995 and writing her weekly horoscope since 2003. Lanyadoo is the host of the twice weekly astrology and advice show, Ghost of a Podcast. …

Silver Hare

Silver Hare

Silver Hare (aka Tyler Guillory) creates relaxing ASMR videos, frequently with an energy healing vibe, including Reiki sessions, delivering double the goodies in one shot. He published his first Reiki video in 2017, so he has a vast archive of content to enjoy. Find Silver Hare online: Patreon YouTube PayPal Twitter Instagram Facebook

Reiki With Anna

Reiki With Anna

Anna is a Reiki Master Practitioner who creates ASMR Reiki healing sessions on YouTube to support anyone who is looking to invite more alignment and balance in their lives. Her aim is to spread seeds of compassion, kindness, and personal empowerment. She also creates character-based ASMR videos and She’s quite prolific and has been creating …

Reiki Healing Hope

Reiki Healing Hope

Reiki Healing Hope creates video content including energy healing sessions, tarot card pulls, esoteric tutorials, inspiration + motivation and other things intended to make you smile. Their Patreon includes self care healing techniques, meditations,tutorials, a monthly energy healing circle, tarot readings, live Q&A and more. Additionally, they produce a podcast titled, “Organize Your Purpose” featuring a …