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Rook Feld

Rook Feld

Rood Feld is a self-described gender jester, weirdo with style, Bezier curve specialist, crowdpleaser, messy painter, poet, and TTRPG designer. A prolific multi-talented artist, they create a great deal of distinctive visual art including illustrations, collage, video and written texts. They also create many unique interactive games. Find Rook Feld online: Patreon Ko-fi Instagram Itch.io …

Illustration by Peijin of a young women with her eyes closed and hair billowing in the breeze.


Peijinsart is Peijin, a self-taught freelance illustrator who gave up their engineering career for their art journey. Since then they share tutorials, drawing process videos and their studies. They say, “Coz if I can make myself an artist, you can too!” Drawing is their true love. Find Peijinsart online: Patreon YouTube Instagram Etsy ArtStation Facebook

A montage of illustrations by artist Chandra Free.

Chandra Free

Chandra Free is the creator of the darkly humorous comic, THE GOD MACHINE graphic novel series. Free is a comics creator, illustrator, writer, and newly, a publisher at Machina Corpse. They’ve worked on JOHN CARPENTER’S TALES FOR A HALLOWEEN NIGHT, FRAGGLE ROCK, MICE TEMPLAR, FIRST OFFERINGS, two of the GRAPHIC CANON books, and various other comics projects. THE GOD MACHINE is an ongoing graphic …

Vintage style illustration of a young couple in elegant dress by Marlowe Lune

Merry Blackbird Postcard Society

The Merry Blackbird Postcard Society is a community for lovers of vintage art aesthetics and “the gift of traditional mail” hosted by illustrator, printmaker, and bookbinder Marlowe Lune. Lune is a queer, non-binary illustrator who draws inspiration from the late 19th and early 20th century to create work that speaks to modern audiences in the …

Cartoon of Babs New, nude, with their back to us.

Babs New

Babs New is a cartoonist, illustrator and art model. Their first all-ages comic book, “Billy Johnson and His Duck are Explorers” was published in 2020. They’ve been an art model for several years and have posed for numerous artists and classes. They also host Figure Drawing Club, a monthly membership that allows you to join …

Illustration by Meg Hunt of a highly stylized blue fish in green water.f a

Meg Hunt

Meg Hunt is an illustrator, mentor and maker of things. You may recognize her work from picture books like “Interstellar Cinderella,” “Reading Beauty,” “Werewolf There Wolf,” “Send a Girl The True Story of How Women Joined the FDNY” and more. A Society of Illustrators gold medal recipient, she has done work for New York Times, …

D&D inspired graphics by Paola Harris.

Paola’s Pixels

Paola Harris is an illustrator and graphic designer. She was born in Bolivia and now lives in the U.S. She creates tabletop RPG inspired art, stickers, pins and patterns. Her YouTube channel features speed painting and speed vector videos. An avid D&D player, her creations capture the culture and are sure to appeal to other players. …

Illustration by nique of a women seated at a table, facing us, drinking from a mug and looking to the side.


nique is an illustrator and comic artist “with cats and anxieties.” She’s been working as an illustrator for over 10 years. She has experience in editorial, children’s books, character design, personal commissions and more. She publishes original comics in both Spanish and English. She creates lots of character portraits from popular television shows, and much …

Illustration of the two characters from the webcomic, Vampire Girlfriends. Two girl vampires lounging happily with the words Sweet Dreams written above them.


Potchimew (Ayanna Johnson Steptoe) is an Afro American comic artist and colorist. She’s been drawing a webcomic since 2019 that has over 87K subs on Webtoon Canvas called Vampire Girlfriends, about the modern lives of two vampire girlfriends. Her second webcomic series is Memories of Amisi. Having lost her memory, with no idea who she …

Maze Onism

Maze Onism

Maze is a freelance illustrator that puts emotions in their own characters. They also like to draw about videogames, tv shows and movies they like. They also make a bit of music that you can check out on their YouTube and Spotify channels. Find Maze Onism online: Twitter Instagram YouTube Spotify

Illustration of a magical-looking baby by Lainey Williams.

Lainey Williams

Lainey Williams is a comics artist, writer and illustrator. Her work includes queer romance, surreal illustrations, and thoughtful explorations of storytelling work. She publishes an online comic titled “Heartmancers,” a story about people who bond with otherworldly beings that feed on human emotion in return for the ability to project those emotions into physical forms …

Illustration of a green hill and valley by hologramvin


hologramvin is a writer, poet, illustrator, game creator, musical artist, and transsexual. They frequently illustrate covers for zines and albums, and they’ve released their own sci-fi story and game expansion on Their projects include two minibooks, a sci-fi audio story, and some music. Most of their science fiction writing involves lesbianism and nonbinaryness and …

Illustration of a scary space monster that looks a little bit like an eel with wings, by Sarah Dahlinger

Sarah Dahlinger

Sarah Dahlinger is an artist who draws and sculpts monsters and animals for books, games, and film. She’s also a scientific illustrator focused on vertebrate anatomy. She’s created art for ETLOK Studios, Cinemo Galactic, Paizo, Monte Cook Games, Centipede Press, Evil Hat Productions, the National Park Service, the Texas A&M University (for herpetology), and many …

Illustration by RayleeArts of a young woman, in profile, wearing a Roman soldier-style helmet, with the visor up and garland of flowers where the helmet's crest would usually be.


RayleeArts is Rachel Eaton, illustrator, designer and author of the popular webcomic Realta which can be read on Webtoon and has more than 500K readers. She is thoroughly obsessed with fantasy and creating anything makes the world feel a little more magical. Realta is a story about when the world was new, and twelve spirits …

Gretchen Meinzen

Gretchen Meinzen

Gretchen Meinzen—aka Tang—is an artist, illustrator, writer who balances concepts of the fantastical world with personal concepts of individual identity, queerness, otherness, and vulnerability with figurative realism in their paintings to bridge the worlds of small intimate painting with mythic fantasy work. Since beginning a professional career in 2016, Gretchen’s list of clients includes: The …

Illustrations by ZARA H, a white blond long-haired man with curved horns, a black lady vampire, and a white lady with long dark hair wearing a crown of spikes.


ZARA H is a digital artist, illustrator, book cover artist, who designs characters from fantasy DnD, to vampires. She’s been creating digital art since 2015. Her stunning work feels realistic and other-worldly at the same time and is frequently quite sexy. She takes commissions through Patreon. Find ZARA H online: Patreon Ko-fi Twitter Instagram Tumblr …

Illustration by Sarah Andersen titled Sarah's Scribbles depicting Sarah and a man holding hands, flanked by a cat, a bunny, a uterus and ovaries, and a brain (cartoon-style).

Sarah Andersen

Sarah Andersen is a cartoonist and illustrator who, in addition to creating the popular “Sarah’s Scribbles,” is often busy balancing freelance projects to keep herself and her webcomic afloat. She graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2014 and currently lives in Brooklyn. Her semi-autobiographical comic strip, “Sarah’s Scribbles,” finds the humor in …

Illustration by Yuumei, of a young artist seated on the floor of her studio, surrounded by her paintings and paint buckets labeled things like "Hope," "Doubt," "Fear," "Pain," etc.


Yuumei is a professional illustrator, designer, and published graphic novelist. She’s known for webcomics such as Fisheye Placebo, Knite, and 1000 Words. She’s also the original designer of the Axent Wear Cat Ear headphones that’s sold in stores. She’s been sharing her art and comics online for free all her life. She loves visual storytelling to convey the …

Illustration by Susie Yi of four comic-style cats sitting around a campfire enjoying hot cocoa, on a hilltop.

Susie Yi (Cat and Cat Comics)

Susie Yi is the creator of the popular Cat & Cat Comics and Peaceful Panels, and the author and illustrator of the the book Cat and Cat Comics: The World According to Cats, published by Studio Press, and the upcoming Cat & Cat Adventures graphic novel series, published by HarperCollins. Patrons get access to hundreds of existing posts, from never-before-seen comics to long …

Black ink illustration of two women kissing by artist P-Curly


P-Curly is a bi-racial artist creating wlw comics and illustrations, working in traditional mediums such as inks, markers and Poscas. She also occasionally animates. She’s working to create art/projects/finished work that she can be proud of so she can build her portfolio to apply to studio jobs. She states that her Patreon will help her focus on the …

Illustrated self-portrait of By.Vegalia wearing a tiara.

By. Vegalia

By. Vegalia is a multi-disciplinary artist who makes and sells an extremely popular collection of digital brushes for illustrating several types of hair such as curls, coils, braids, plaits, twists, baby hair and more, including over 50 different curl brushes and more than 40 braid brushes. She posts tons of quick, easy-to-follow digital drawing tutorials …