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Jinkx Monsoon

Jinkx Monsoon

Jinkx Monsoon is an internationally tolerated drag chanteuse and comedian. While best known for her stint on the reality tv, drag cult phenomenon: RuPaul’s Drag Race (season 5) — she’s also been working for over a decade as a musician, comedian, writer, actor, and live entertainer. She even brings her unique brand of talk to …

Bottom Lines, Top Dollars

Bottom Lines, Top Dollars

Laura Boo MacDonald and Hadassah Damien are the Ladies Who Crunch, queer artists and old punks who’ve, somehow, made careers in finance. They make Bottom Lines, Top Dollars — a podcast about all the money things you suspect might be ruining your life. Find Bottom Lines, Top Dollars online: Patreon Spotify Instagram Website Facebook

Princess Weekes

Princess Weekes

Princess Weekes creates video essays about pop culture, race, feminism, and other social issues with “a lot of nuance and profanity.” She’s also an assistant editor at covering the same topics in writing. If it’s breaking down how Game of Thrones has always been trash or discussing the intersection of pop culture and race …

Dyking Out podcast

Dyking Out

Dyking Out is a comedic lifestyle podcast hosted by comedians Carolyn Bergier & Melody Kamali, who also happen to be lesbians. Each week, they invite a special guest to dyke out on a range of topics that are relevant to the LGBTQ population. It’s unapologetically gay, and they laugh at themselves as much as they …

Blair Imani speaking onstage at TEDx Boulder

Blair Imani

Blair Imani (she/her) is the LA Times Bestselling author of Read This to Get Smarter. She is an award-winning educator, historian and influencer. She is also the author of Making Our Way Home, and Modern HERstory. Her work centers women and girls, global Black communities, and the LGBTQ community. As an educator and influencer, semi-retired …

The Gayest Episode Ever

Gayest Episode Ever

The Gayest Episode Ever is a podcast about the LGBTQ-focused episodes of classic sitcoms. Hosted by screenwriter Glen Lakin and journalist Drew Mackie, it aims to give context for what was happening in pop culture and American history when these queer one-off episodes first aired. Glen and Drew go through each episode in order to …

Jessie Gender

Jessie Gender

Jessie Gender runs a YouTube channel that discusses political, social and LGBTQ issues through geek and pop culture… and of course Star Trek.  They release a new video every Friday, as well as weekly discussions and reviews on both their main channel and their second channel After Dark. Their Patreon is a community where people can …

Vintage style illustration of a young couple in elegant dress by Marlowe Lune

Merry Blackbird Postcard Society

The Merry Blackbird Postcard Society is a community for lovers of vintage art aesthetics and “the gift of traditional mail” hosted by illustrator, printmaker, and bookbinder Marlowe Lune. Lune is a queer, non-binary illustrator who draws inspiration from the late 19th and early 20th century to create work that speaks to modern audiences in the …

Photo of green tree leaves by ASMR artist Calliope


Calliope is an ASMR artist who’s been creating ASMR videos on YouTube since December 2016. Her specialties are personal attention, medical, and pseudoscience RPs. But she’s delved into everything since she started making videos. Even though “whispers” is in her YouTube channel name, she doesn’t do a lot of whispering in her videos because she’s …

Gay Breakfast Pin Club a photo of eight LGBTQ+ themed enamel animal pins.

Gay Breakfast Pin Club

Gay Breakfast Pin Club is a studio helmed by married couple Judith and Natalie. Having created over 150 LGBTQ+ pin designs, they continue to make more pins that help folks feel seen and represented. Every month they feature one LGBTQ+ design (The Gay Breakfast) and one color variant or more specific flag (The Gay Breakfast …



Homoground is a queer podcast using multimedia as a platform to increase the visibility of queer musicians. It focuses on bands, events and organizations that often get overlooked by mainstream publications and platforms. Run by Lynn Casper, and based out of Philadelphia, the podcast’s first episode aired in January 2011 and has over 250 episodes featuring …

Headshot of Jade Fox, a young black woman with short hair, wearing an orange long-sleeved short and smiling comfortably.

Jade Fox

Jade Fox creates LGBT lifestyle and entertainment that’s comedic surrounding pop culture, entertainment, and gay culture. Topics include “Reviewing Every Netflix Original Television Series I Watched in 2021,” “Reacting to Lesbian Glow Ups,” “Reacting to *ACTUALLY GOOD* Lesbian TikToks,” “The Problem with Androgyny. We Got Scammed,” and more. Find Jade Fox online: Patreon Twitter YouTube …

Illustration of the two characters from the webcomic, Vampire Girlfriends. Two girl vampires lounging happily with the words Sweet Dreams written above them.


Potchimew (Ayanna Johnson Steptoe) is an Afro American comic artist and colorist. She’s been drawing a webcomic since 2019 that has over 87K subs on Webtoon Canvas called Vampire Girlfriends, about the modern lives of two vampire girlfriends. Her second webcomic series is Memories of Amisi. Having lost her memory, with no idea who she …

Maze Onism

Maze Onism

Maze is a freelance illustrator that puts emotions in their own characters. They also like to draw about videogames, tv shows and movies they like. They also make a bit of music that you can check out on their YouTube and Spotify channels. Find Maze Onism online: Twitter Instagram YouTube Spotify

Illustration of a magical-looking baby by Lainey Williams.

Lainey Williams

Lainey Williams is a comics artist, writer and illustrator. Her work includes queer romance, surreal illustrations, and thoughtful explorations of storytelling work. She publishes an online comic titled “Heartmancers,” a story about people who bond with otherworldly beings that feed on human emotion in return for the ability to project those emotions into physical forms …

Photo of writer and teacher K. Tempest Bradford wearing a t-shirt that reads, "Say the F-word Feminist"

K Tempest Bradford

K Tempest Bradford is a writer, podcaster, teacher and activist. She writes Afrofuturist and AfroRetroFuturist fiction for kids and adults that reflects her multiple identities, including her Blackness and Queerness. Her short stories have been published in magazines such as Strange Horizons and Electric Velocipede and anthologies such as Sunspot Jungle and In The Shadow …

Illustration of a green hill and valley by hologramvin


hologramvin is a writer, poet, illustrator, game creator, musical artist, and transsexual. They frequently illustrate covers for zines and albums, and they’ve released their own sci-fi story and game expansion on Their projects include two minibooks, a sci-fi audio story, and some music. Most of their science fiction writing involves lesbianism and nonbinaryness and …

Lily Alexandre

Lily Alexandre

Lily Alexandre is a video editor, essayist and musician producing video essays about left-wing politics and LGBT issues—issues that are near and dear to her as a working-class trans woman—exploring the many grey areas that exist in queer and working-class life.  Find Lily Alexandre online: Patreon YouTube Twitter Instagram



MovieBitches (Avaryl and Andrew) publish snarky reviews of Hollywood’s latest and not-so-greatest movies and RuPaul’s Drag Race RuViews while nursing positively gigantic glasses of wine. They see them, so you don’t have to! (And have been doing so since 2013!) These two have a delightful chemistry and banter that’ll make you want to cozy up …

Illustration by RayleeArts of a young woman, in profile, wearing a Roman soldier-style helmet, with the visor up and garland of flowers where the helmet's crest would usually be.


RayleeArts is Rachel Eaton, illustrator, designer and author of the popular webcomic Realta which can be read on Webtoon and has more than 500K readers. She is thoroughly obsessed with fantasy and creating anything makes the world feel a little more magical. Realta is a story about when the world was new, and twelve spirits …

Bere Weillschmidt storyboard and comics artist and illustrator.

Bere Weillschmidt

Bere Weillschmidt is a storyboard and comic artist and illustrator who invites you to “Join my expedition of creative lust to enjoy unique & diverse stories about the STAR WARS prequels.” Trust when they say “creative lust” that the spiciest of spicy dishes are on the menu where those delicacies are allowed (Twitter, Patreon, Tumblr). …