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Lily Alexandre

Lily Alexandre

Lily Alexandre is a video editor, essayist and musician producing video essays about left-wing politics and LGBT issues—issues that are near and dear to her as a working-class trans woman—exploring the many grey areas that exist in queer and working-class life.  Find Lily Alexandre online: Patreon YouTube Twitter Instagram



MovieBitches (Avaryl and Andrew) publish snarky reviews of Hollywood’s latest and not-so-greatest movies and RuPaul’s Drag Race RuViews while nursing positively gigantic glasses of wine. They see them, so you don’t have to! (And have been doing so since 2013!) These two have a delightful chemistry and banter that’ll make you want to cozy up …

Illustration by RayleeArts of a young woman, in profile, wearing a Roman soldier-style helmet, with the visor up and garland of flowers where the helmet's crest would usually be.


RayleeArts is Rachel Eaton, illustrator, designer and author of the popular webcomic Realta which can be read on Webtoon and has more than 500K readers. She is thoroughly obsessed with fantasy and creating anything makes the world feel a little more magical. Realta is a story about when the world was new, and twelve spirits …

Bere Weillschmidt storyboard and comics artist and illustrator.

Bere Weillschmidt

Bere Weillschmidt is a storyboard and comic artist and illustrator who invites you to “Join my expedition of creative lust to enjoy unique & diverse stories about the STAR WARS prequels.” Trust when they say “creative lust” that the spiciest of spicy dishes are on the menu where those delicacies are allowed (Twitter, Patreon, Tumblr). …

Artist Fugitive Rabbit aka Ruby Ball samples of artwork including a parrot, a fluffy white dog, a farmland landscape, a mermaid in a jar of water, and a snowy mountain village.

Fugitive Rabbit

Fugitive Rabbit is Ruby Ball, a classically trained artist, whose work focuses on themes of fat liberation and Pop Surrealism. She has a passion for painting people, animals, and nature and especially enjoys painting fat folks. She received her BFA in painting from Arizona State University and currently teaches painting classes along with freelancing. She …

A photo of music artist WangleLine, playing a keyboard, titled, "I make weird music."


WangleLine makes music, YouTube videos about sound design, music production and basically anything else that’s vaguely related to audio things. If you’re interested in music production or theory, their videos will keep you entertained and maybe teach you something new. Find WangleLine online: Patreon YouTube Bandcamp Twitter Discord

Header image for video essayist, Laura Crone, which reads "Film. Fights. Feelings." and depicting Laura as a cartoon character wielding a sword.

Laura Crone

Laura Crone is a video creator publishing popular video essays about film, feminism, music, nerd culture, and more, through the filter of an unapologetic social justice warrior, and always involving a lot of her feelings. Discussing her feelings around mostly film and television series turns out to be something that a lot of people can …

Annie Elainey - YouTuber, Artist, Advocate for Body Positivity, Gender, Race, LGBTQ+, Disability, Chronic Illness, Mental Health

Annie Segarra

Annie Segarra (aka Annie Elainey) is a content creator, YouTuber, and intersectional activist. Recently diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome; after her health took an abrupt decline, she focused on her health and creating content. Her video channel and blog cover many topics such as disability, body image, media representation, LGBTQ, and other aspects of her identity, as well as reviews, …



Curio, created by Eric Sophia, publishes media and cultural analysis videos and live streams from an intersectional leftist and trans perspective. As Eric Sophia says, “Some pretentious philosophy bits, lots of being mad at people who don’t want to treat others equally.” Curio is also half of the team behind the Rolling With Rainbows podcast, …

Photo of Matt Baume seated at a table with his chin resting on his fist, looking directly at the camera.

Matt Baume

Matt Baume makes LGBTQ videos, livestreams, and podcasts to empower and uplift queer folks, including Culture Cruise YouTube videos exploring amazing queer milestones in TV shows and movies; The Sewers of Paris, a podcast where queer folks share intimate, personal stories about the entertainment that made them who they are today; Livestreams where they get together and …

Photo of a small white stuff dog with a black eye seated at a music synthesizer.

Zoë Blade

Zoë Blade is a musician, writer, and programmer making experimental electronic music, mostly made on a “gloriously feral” analogue modular synthesiser. Notably they make music for popular YouTubers, ContraPoints and Hbomb. Zoë publishes informational and educational videos about creating electronic music (and sound, in general) on their YouTube channel. If you ever wanted to know …

The covers of three of MariNaomi's graphic novels, Dragon's Breath, Turning Japanese, and I Thought You Hated Me


MariNaomi is a queer mixed-race Japanese-American visual storyteller and community organizer who’s published four graphic memoirs, a graphic novel trilogy called Life on Earth, and many many gags, strips, diary comics, essays, and more. They’re also the creator and administrator of the Cartoonists of Color, Queer Cartoonists, and the Disabled Cartoonists databases. These resources, which feature thousands of comics creators, are free …

POWER NOT PITY logo, a flat black and white illustration of a the traditional wheelchair icon with a superhero cape flowing off the back of the chair occupant and flames coming off the wheel.


POWER NOT PITY is a podcast by Bri M, a Black, Jamaican, disabled, non-binary queer person who loves telling stories. Bri started the podcast to help address a dire lack of media created about disabled people of color. POWER NOT PITY amplifies the voices of the disabled people of color community everywhere. Using candid interviews, analysis …

Ana Mardoll's profile header which is a gold background featuring the words: "queer. magic. kissing."

Ana Mardoll

Ana Mardoll is a writer, known for the Earthside book series (modern paranormal-romance books set in Texas) and Rewoven Tales, as well as many published short stories and xer Ramblings blog, Shakesville pieces, Twitter rants, Furiosa review on The Mary Sue, or “that one Ross Geller post I wrote which went briefly internet-viral.” Mardoll is a a self-described “fat, physically disabled, mentally …

Teespoonies logo, an illustration of the torso of a black woman using crutches to walk.


Teespoonie is Teona, a multi-disabled and neurodivergent Black non-binary woman who’s a writer, college student and self-described “chaotic cripple” creating educational articles on Blackness, disability & neurodivergence. She became disabled a few short years ago and in the process of seeking treatment, began to realize she’s been disabled since childhood. She decided she wanted to write …

Fantasy illustration of whales leaping out of the ocean at nite by Maya Kern.

Maya Kern

Maya Kern is a comic artist, product designer, and musician and the creator of the popular Monster Pop! a comic about two best friends and the slice of life adventures they share set in an alternate Earth where monsters coexist with humans, How to Be a Mermaid, Redden, and other comics. She’s also the author of …

Logo for The Geekiary

The Geekiary

The Geekiary is a blog started by fans, for fans. Proud members of many fandoms—Tumblr users and Twitter addicts, con goers, photographers, cosplayers, artists, and writers they’re consumers and analyzers of geeky media. They approach their work from a fan’s perspective, meaning they’re enthusiastic, passionate. As they say, themselves, they have FEELINGS. the Geekiary has …

Black ink illustration of two women kissing by artist P-Curly


P-Curly is a bi-racial artist creating wlw comics and illustrations, working in traditional mediums such as inks, markers and Poscas. She also occasionally animates. She’s working to create art/projects/finished work that she can be proud of so she can build her portfolio to apply to studio jobs. She states that her Patreon will help her focus on the …

Badass Cross Stitch logo which looks like a skull and bones done in cross stitch

Badass Cross Stitch

Badass Cross Stitch is Shannon Downey, a queer art activist who lives full-time in her RV “traveling the United States (and hopefully the rest of the world when the borders open back up) in an attempt to know everyone and trick people into hanging out with me by teaching them how to embroider.” All this …

Illustration by Moosopp featuring a child and adult eating at a table, the child reaching across the table.


Moosopp is an artist and popular, prolific webcomic creator. His main project, Sunshine Boy, is an LGBT+ slice of life story about the difficulties of parenthood and self acceptance. He also creates Daybreak, a spin-off series focusing on the tritagonist Marcus from Sunshine Boy and his classmate Cog; A Call Away From Home, a story …

Portrait of Mia Mulder, video esssayist, wearing a WWI era military helmet.

Mia Mulder

Mia Mulder is a Swedish historian and popular YouTuber who publishes video essays about history, politics, current events, activism, theater, and art. She’s also a trans woman. Her videos usually cover political and social issues, leveraging her chops as an historian to provide historical context. Her explorations of LGBTQ+ people during specific historical eras can …