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Various primitive-looking comic illustrations by Rubyetc, surrounding the word, "hello!" including a rainbow colored animal that appears to be a cross between a chicken and a horse, a meerkat with a mermaid's tale, a woman dancing dramatically, and a bored looking crab listening to a smartphone via earbuds.


Rubyetc is a cartoonist, illustrator and author from London. She started putting cartoons and illustrations online as ‘Rubyetc’ in 2011 with no real intention of it becoming her job, but since then has found herself drawing full time and doing things like publishing a book (book) and illustrating things in The New Yorker (thing). She draws and …

Comic illustration by dinosandcomics of two dinosaurs walking into a sunset


dinosandcomics is the a writer and artist team, James and K, who create dinosaur, a popular comic about depressed dinosaurs who find hope in each other. It’s at once irreverent and touching, simple and yet sophisticated, and always relatable. Their first book, Dinosaur Therapy, released in August 2021, is a printed collection of the dinosaur comics …