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Dialogues on Disability

Dialogues on Disability is a groundbreaking and critically-acclaimed series of interviews that disabled feminist philosopher of disability Shelley Tremain conducts with disabled philosophers and posts to BIOPOLITICAL PHILOSOPHY on the third Wednesday of each month. The series provides a public venue for discussion with disabled philosophers about a range of topics, including their philosophical work on disability; the …

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Ponderful is a British immigrant in Germany who was diagnosed with autism in 2020. She has lived and traveled all over the world and is an abuse survivor. She’s also a self-proclaimed “anarcho-something-or-other.” She creates and publishes videos to help people understand the political & philosophical implications of neurodiversity, as well as other interesting topics …

Philosophy Tube

Philosophy Tube

Philosophy Tube is British actress Abigail Thorn, who decided to provide free lessons in Philosophy (they have a Masters in said topic) on YouTube when England tripled college tuition rates in 2012. Fast forward to 2021 and the channel has over 900,000 subscribers thanks to Thorn’s acting chops, comedic talent and extremely sharp mind capable of …