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Illustration of a cartoon Russian solider and the title "The Eastern Border"

The Eastern Border

The Eastern Border is a podcast, by Latvian journalist Kristaps Andrejsons, about the politics and the history of the eastern Europe – including, but not limited to the current state of Russia, politics of the EU, history of the USSR and the region in general. While it’s about the history and the life in the …

Ponderful header - the world "Ponderful" overtop a photo of a pink-toned clouds


Ponderful is a British immigrant in Germany who was diagnosed with autism in 2020. She has lived and traveled all over the world and is an abuse survivor. She’s also a self-proclaimed “anarcho-something-or-other.” She creates and publishes videos to help people understand the political & philosophical implications of neurodiversity, as well as other interesting topics …

Lily Alexandre

Lily Alexandre

Lily Alexandre is a video editor, essayist and musician producing video essays about left-wing politics and LGBT issues—issues that are near and dear to her as a working-class trans woman—exploring the many grey areas that exist in queer and working-class life.  Find Lily Alexandre online: Patreon YouTube Twitter Instagram

Logo for the Daily Beans and Mueller She Wrote podcasts, featuring the silhouette of a '40's-era woman looking through a magnifying glass towards the ground.

Mueller, She Wrote & The Daily Beans

Mueller, She Wrote & The Daily Beans are podcasts produced by “what we consider to be the most effective triumvirate of educated lady comics working in the Mueller business today” because they felt it was important to have a female point of view as a legitimate, though often snarky source of news. Mueller, She Wrote started …

Black Girl in Main Logo

Black Girl in Maine

Black Girl in Maine is Shay Stewart-Bouley, the creator of BGIM Media, a digital space for in depth discussions on racism and white supremacy, a podcast series and public talks, centered around the belief that we need to look at who creates the narratives that we read and believe. Says Stewart-Bouley, “In most places, the narratives are fed to …

Portrait of Mia Mulder, video esssayist, wearing a WWI era military helmet.

Mia Mulder

Mia Mulder is a Swedish historian and popular YouTuber who publishes video essays about history, politics, current events, activism, theater, and art. She’s also a trans woman. Her videos usually cover political and social issues, leveraging her chops as an historian to provide historical context. Her explorations of LGBTQ+ people during specific historical eras can …

GothamGirlBlue - Kaitlin Byrd

Kaitlin Byrd – GothamGirlBlue

Kaitlin Byrd, who goes by GothamGirlBlue on the socials, is a writer and political activist based in her hometown of Brooklyn. She describes her writing like this: “My writing focuses on the outcomes of policy, not merely who ‘wins’ or ‘loses’ with its passage. I talk about good faith, bad faith and who has earned …