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Illustration of a scary space monster that looks a little bit like an eel with wings, by Sarah Dahlinger

Sarah Dahlinger

Sarah Dahlinger is an artist who draws and sculpts monsters and animals for books, games, and film. She’s also a scientific illustrator focused on vertebrate anatomy. She’s created art for ETLOK Studios, Cinemo Galactic, Paizo, Monte Cook Games, Centipede Press, Evil Hat Productions, the National Park Service, the Texas A&M University (for herpetology), and many …

Starlight City Entertainment

Starlight City Entertainment

Starlight City Entertainment is the independent self-publishing comics imprint for works authored and created by Shaun B., aka the Starlight City Project. Shaun B. is a West Indian American writer from the Northeastern U.S. His first published title, R:ILPERSONA, debuted online in June of 2015, and is serialized as a popular weekly webcomic on its …

Black and white illustration of a black cat in a crouching stance with a lantern suspended from its tail.

Black Cat Magazine

Black Cat Magazine is a literary magazine that focuses on speculative fiction, poetry, and art. Founded in March 2021 by radical, nonbinary and multigender writers, artists, and musicians, their mission is to use literature and art to help build a culture rooted in liberation, non-hierarchical relationships, and community-based participatory institutions. Black Cat Magazine is free …