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Backyard Ecology

Backyard Ecology

Backyard Ecology is a blog and podcast, published by Shannon Trimboli, aimed at helping people in the eastern U.S. discover the nature in their own yards and communities. You’re invited to ignite your curiosity and natural wonder, explore your yards and communities, and improve your local pollinator and wildlife habitat. Nature is everywhere and there …

City Beautiful

City Beautiful

City Beautiful is a YouTube channel dedicated to educating everyone about cities and city planning. It covers topics such as transportation, land use planning, and urban design. They post new videos monthly and sometimes more frequently. City Beautiful is a solo operation, written and produced by Dave Amos, a PhD candidate at UC Berkeley, pursuing his …

BrainCraft creator Vanessa mugging for the camera, holding the two halves of a model of a human brain to either side of her head.


BrainCraft is Vanessa Hill, an Australian behavioural scientist and producer, and a veteran science educator. She makes science videos on her YouTube channel, BrainCraft. Vanessa aims to help you understand more about your brain, body, and behaviour and how we can all navigate this weird world a little bit better. Day-to-day, she’s a PhD researcher in procrastination, habits, …

Physics Girl photo of Physics Girl doing a hurdler jump.

Physics Girl

Physics Girl is a popular YouTube channel created by Dianna Cowern that adventures into the physical sciences with experiments, demonstrations, and cool new discoveries. She covers topics you never knew would fascinate you like the world’s only moving mud puddle, why there are giant concrete tunnels in the desert, as well as more core educational …

Black Forager

Alexis Nikole – Black Forager

Alexis Nikole – Black Forager loves foraging, environmental science, ethnobotany, and free food, and writing about all of the above. She forages out in the untamed wilderness of scenic Ohio to bring you the wonders of wild food. She’s been featured in Bon Appétit, was named one of AdWeek’s 2022 Creator Visionaries and one of …

Your Dinosaurs Are Wrong

Your Dinosaurs Are Wrong

Your Dinosaurs Are Wrong is a YouTube series that makes paleontology accessible to the general public through familiar (but wrong) toy dinosaurs. Find Your Dinosaurs Are Wrong online: Patreon YouTube Twitter Instagram Etsy

Because Language podcast header written as "Becasue Langauge"

Because Language

Because Language is a show about what’s going on in linguistics, the science of language, with linguists Daniel Midgley and Hedvig Skirgård and smart person Ben Ainslie. They tackle topics like language change, language and society, language technology, and their popular feature, Words of the Week. Word nerds, this one’s for you. Find Because Language online: …

Ologies podcast by Alie Ward

Alie Ward

Alie Ward is the creator of Ologies. Ologies the podcast gives a voice to the folks in lab coats or sweating through field work or hunkered down over data and asks “WHAT IS YOUR DEAL.” Each week she interviews one or more “ologists” who study things like sheep skulls, raccoons, TikTok, knees, pain, dancing spiders, …

An illustration depicting a view of our solar system from space.


CosmoQuest is creating an online space for learning and doing science. They have multiple projects including: The Daily Space, a news show on YouTube that gives you a fast paced rundown of all that is happening in Astronomy and Space Science; 365 Days of Astronomy, launched as part of the 2009 International Year of Astronomy, …

Flash Forward podcast

Flash Forward

Flash Forward is a critically acclaimed podcast about the future. In each episode, host Rose Eveleth takes on a possible (or not so possible) future scenario — everything from the existence of artificial wombs, to what would happen if space pirates dragged a second moon to Earth. What would the warranty on a sex robot …