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Still from ATMOSPHERE sci-fi series, a medium shot of Anastasia in a silver space suit.


Anastasia is the creator of ATMOSPHERE on YouTube. She’s an actor, director, editor, sound designer, script writer, costume designer. To say she creates roleplay ASMR videos is to vastly understate the impact of her artistry. Each video is like a time machine taking us to intimate moments in the future, the past and alternate universes …

Photo of video essayist Tom Nicholas, head and shoulders shot of him lying on the floor looking at the camera, a boxing glove to one side of his head and a jump rope to the other.

Tom Nicholas

Tom Nicholas is a PhD Student based in the UK. He creates a popular series of educational videos on YouTube aimed at being accessible introductions to key theories in cultural studies and the wider humanities. His What The Theory? series has covered topics such as semiotics, structuralism, phenomenology, modernism, postmodernism, postcolonialism, psychoanalysis and more. He also occasionally intersperses these videos with video essays that put some …

Ponderful header - the world "Ponderful" overtop a photo of a pink-toned clouds


Ponderful is a British immigrant in Germany who was diagnosed with autism in 2020. She has lived and traveled all over the world and is an abuse survivor. She’s also a self-proclaimed “anarcho-something-or-other.” She creates and publishes videos to help people understand the political & philosophical implications of neurodiversity, as well as other interesting topics …

Pop Culture Addicts

Pop Culture Addicts

Pop Culture Addicts is a weekly program that brings you interviews and discussions with people in the pop culture world. They talk about movies, music, video games and much more. The episodes are available as both audio podcasts and as videos. Hosted by the team of Tim Beisiegel and Kathleen Wass, guests have included Janes …

Close up photo of ASMR artist, Sarai, looking into the camera while holding a magnifying glass with one hand and tapping on it with the fingertips of her other hand.

Peace and Saraity ASMR

Peace and Saraity creates ASMR videos to help destress you with her soothing voice and hypnotizing mannerisms, in the hope of giving you “magical tingles or sending you to dream land.” Her popular and prolific YouTube channel features mostly upbeat personal attention role-plays. A veritable Rembrandt with makeup, she’s a master of fun series like …

Photo of Mount Fuji, taken by Rambalac


Rambalac creates walking videos and live streams around Japan. They started filming their walks just for fun and as an additional reason to go outside. In their videos, they don’t talk, except to communicate with people in front of them. They don’t show their face, intentionally, preferring to make videos with minimal editing and no sound …

Izzie Chea Music Studio

Izzie Chea Music Studio

Izzie Chea is a piano teacher whose mission is to create a world filled with joyful music makers of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities by expanding access to high quality music education with meaningful, engaging, tuition and donation-based lessons for all. She has owned and operated her in home music studio for the past seven years, with over 120 …

Lily Alexandre

Lily Alexandre

Lily Alexandre is a video editor, essayist and musician producing video essays about left-wing politics and LGBT issues—issues that are near and dear to her as a working-class trans woman—exploring the many grey areas that exist in queer and working-class life.  Find Lily Alexandre online: Patreon YouTube Twitter Instagram

Photo of Ahsante Bean standing holding her camera with her hand on her hip, with her name to the left and "Be your best self. Social awareness. Self care. Personal growth."

Ahsante Bean

Ahsante Bean is a multimedia storyteller helping you to move consciously and creatively through life. She publishes YouTube videos to help you do well, be well, act thoughtfully, and make your day a little brighter. She’s dedicated to uplifting marginalized voices, with videos covering intersectionality, allyship, and highlighting the experiences of women of color. Ahsante has been …



MovieBitches (Avaryl and Andrew) publish snarky reviews of Hollywood’s latest and not-so-greatest movies and RuPaul’s Drag Race RuViews while nursing positively gigantic glasses of wine. They see them, so you don’t have to! (And have been doing so since 2013!) These two have a delightful chemistry and banter that’ll make you want to cozy up …

ediyasmr - photo of Ediya Daulet standing on the beach, the waves in the background, her hands in a prayer pose in front of her chin, smiling


ediyasmr makes ASMR videos for self-healers on YouTube. She’s a hypnotherapist and meditation coach, and loves sharing her knowledge of Tantric energy work through digestible videos. She produces videos weekly, mostly Personal Attention Reiki Healing videos where you can receive healing and learn how to work in harmony with your energy body. She also shares …

Fiq the Signifier

F.D Signifire

F.D Signifire produces video essays analyzing black media and movies while saying so much more. With titles like “Why Wonder Woman 1984 Has A White Feminism Problem,” “Action And The Impossible White Man Trope,” “Why We Need To End The Myth About The Gay Agenda To Destroy Black Men,” and one of his most well-known …

Title for Black Dice Society profile

Black Dice Society

The Black Dice Society is an official Dungeons & Dragons stream set in the horror setting of Ravenloft. The Domains of Dread call out to six souls as they struggle to survive their journeys through the Mists. But behind it all, Darklords plot and scheme their own escape… even if it means the hero’s doom. …

BehindTheMoons ASMR artist


BehindTheMoons is an ASMR content creator on YouTube, Twitch streamer, and sometime photographer. Their ASMR content includes relaxing sounds from various objects such as show and tell videos, sounds and triggers video, and roleplay videos featuring friendly discussion, comforting environment, personal attention. They grew up and live in France and release videos in both French …

For All Nerds Show

For All Nerds

For All Nerds is the “Voice Of The Urban Geek.” Hosted by DJ Benhameen and Tatiana King Jones, ForAlNerdsShow welcomes guests from every corner of entertainment. They strive to provide a platform for and uplift people of color in pop and geek culture. From film and tv, to anime, wrestling, horror and more–the FAN team …

Those Wrestling Girls podcast and video program

Those Wrestling Girls

Those Wrestling Girls is a podcast about women’s wrestling. Co-hosts and founders, Krista B. & Queen P.R. want to give the women’s division the same attention as the men’s division. They discuss all things women’s wrestling, as well as cultivating the women’s wrestling fan community. On their Patreon pledges can expect weekly recaps of Raw, …

Illustration of a woman standing on the head of a whale while fishing in the ocean.

Jellybean Green

Jellybean Green is a popular ASMR video artist who uses a combination of compassion and humor to make both traditional videos as well as unexpected ones. Her videos are a mostly beautifully executed role plays, but she also produces straight up tingly sounds and soft-spoken activities. She’s notable for her deeply honest, compassionate and kind …

Close up of a panel from a comic book, with handwritten notes on it "Even though there are speech bubbles, this panel comes off empty because all the bubbles come off panel."

Strip Panel Naked

Strip Panel Naked is a video series analyzing and breaking down comics art in detail, taking a look at why the best comic books work the way they do by breaking them down and analyzing the work that’s gone into them. Each video is around 5-10 minutes, focusing on a particular issue and theme within …

Image of a VHS cassette with the words "You're watching video essays by Maggie Mae Fish" written on the label.

Maggie Mae Fish

Maggie Mae Fish is an actor and writer who makes YouTube film analysis videos and who plays video games and tabletop games with friends on Twitch. She also writes comedy videos and essays and used to be on Cracked. Despite her comedic bent, her film analysis videos are PhD material that true film enthusiasts will …

A photo of music artist WangleLine, playing a keyboard, titled, "I make weird music."


WangleLine makes music, YouTube videos about sound design, music production and basically anything else that’s vaguely related to audio things. If you’re interested in music production or theory, their videos will keep you entertained and maybe teach you something new. Find WangleLine online: Patreon YouTube Bandcamp Twitter Discord

Header image for video essayist, Laura Crone, which reads "Film. Fights. Feelings." and depicting Laura as a cartoon character wielding a sword.

Laura Crone

Laura Crone is a video creator publishing popular video essays about film, feminism, music, nerd culture, and more, through the filter of an unapologetic social justice warrior, and always involving a lot of her feelings. Discussing her feelings around mostly film and television series turns out to be something that a lot of people can …