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Ancient History Fangirl

Ancient History Fangirl

Ancient History Fangirl is Jenny Williamson and Genn McMenemy—best friends, novelists, and history-obsessed storytellers with a podcast about the ancient world. Do you like stories about murder, betrayal, romance, war elephants, poisoning, sieges, and plague, stories that happened thousands of years ago, at the intersection of truth and mythology, stories about men and women who …

Bottom Lines, Top Dollars

Bottom Lines, Top Dollars

Laura Boo MacDonald and Hadassah Damien are the Ladies Who Crunch, queer artists and old punks who’ve, somehow, made careers in finance. They make Bottom Lines, Top Dollars — a podcast about all the money things you suspect might be ruining your life. Find Bottom Lines, Top Dollars online: Patreon Spotify Instagram Website Facebook

BrainCraft creator Vanessa mugging for the camera, holding the two halves of a model of a human brain to either side of her head.


BrainCraft is Vanessa Hill, an Australian behavioural scientist and producer, and a veteran science educator. She makes science videos on her YouTube channel, BrainCraft. Vanessa aims to help you understand more about your brain, body, and behaviour and how we can all navigate this weird world a little bit better. Day-to-day, she’s a PhD researcher in procrastination, habits, …

Illustration by Peijin of a young women with her eyes closed and hair billowing in the breeze.


Peijinsart is Peijin, a self-taught freelance illustrator who gave up their engineering career for their art journey. Since then they share tutorials, drawing process videos and their studies. They say, “Coz if I can make myself an artist, you can too!” Drawing is their true love. Find Peijinsart online: Patreon YouTube Instagram Etsy ArtStation Facebook

HomeTeam History

HomeTeam History

HomeTeam History advances proper historical perspectives concerning African History, Culture, and Worldview. “HomeTeam” simply refers to the African Diaspora. They revisit the history and learn more about the humanity and agency of African people. Find HomeTeam History online: Patreon YouTube Instagram Twitter Facebook

Still photo of Be Brave Be You ASMR video artist in one of her roleplay videos

Be Brave Be You

Be Brave Be You is Nic, a popular English ASMRtist & Lifestyle Vlogger. She publishes high quality ASMR roleplay videos for tingles, relaxation, entertainment, sleep and awareness through very well thought out concepts. Followers appreciate her gentle, confident demeanor, her attention to detail and the frequently long run-time (often as long as an hour or …

We Would Be Dead podcast photo portrait of the hosts, two white women, with fake blood splattered on their faces, looking very serious.

We Would Be Dead Podcast

The We Would Be Dead podcast is a weekly true crime podcast that finds humanity in the darkness, humor in the history and the devil in the details. Each week, hosts Holly and Leslie bring you tales of true crime, general creepery and anything that casually forces you to face your own mortality. Find the …

Robyn McClendon

Robyn McClendon

Robyn is a nationally known artist exhibiting nationally and internationally with exhibitions in the Smithsonian Museums, Corcoran Art Gallery and art in the permanent collections of The MOMA as well as other notable collections. A highly accomplished business coach, she has an intuitive coaching venture “The Holy Grail Program ” which is part of her …

Dyking Out podcast

Dyking Out

Dyking Out is a comedic lifestyle podcast hosted by comedians Carolyn Bergier & Melody Kamali, who also happen to be lesbians. Each week, they invite a special guest to dyke out on a range of topics that are relevant to the LGBTQ population. It’s unapologetically gay, and they laugh at themselves as much as they …

Learn Arabic With Maha - headshot photo of Maha looking at the camera from behind a shawl covered in sunflowers concealing the bottom half of her face.

Learn Arabic with Maha

Learn Arabic with Maha is about spreading knowledge on Arabic language, culture, Middle Eastern cuisine and tourism. She’s been creating language lessons for more than 11 years. She speaks five languages with the goal of reaching 10. Here’s how one of Maha’s students describes her lessons: “Maha’s method combines a deep knowledge of the Arabic …

Blair Imani speaking onstage at TEDx Boulder

Blair Imani

Blair Imani (she/her) is the LA Times Bestselling author of Read This to Get Smarter. She is an award-winning educator, historian and influencer. She is also the author of Making Our Way Home, and Modern HERstory. Her work centers women and girls, global Black communities, and the LGBTQ community. As an educator and influencer, semi-retired …

Black Forager

Alexis Nikole – Black Forager

Alexis Nikole – Black Forager loves foraging, environmental science, ethnobotany, and free food, and writing about all of the above. She forages out in the untamed wilderness of scenic Ohio to bring you the wonders of wild food. She’s been featured in Bon Appétit, was named one of AdWeek’s 2022 Creator Visionaries and one of …

Photo of Sarah McLeod onstage during a live performance playing guitar.

Sarah McLeod

Sarah McLeod is a musical artist from Australia. She’s known for her solo work and as the singer and guitarist for the rock band The Superjesus. The Superjesus was nominated for eight and won three ARIA Music Awards between 1997 and 2001. McLeod launched her solo career in 2005, releasing her first single, “Let’s Get Together” and …

Abby Sy

Abby Sy

Abby Sy is an artist and author from Manila. She’s written and illustrated bestselling books (such as, The ABCs of Hand Lettering, The Complete Photo Guide to Hand Lettering and Calligraphy, and The Art of the Travel Journal), put up a small business, and built an online creative community. These are all part of her …

Khadija Mbowe

Khadija Mbowe

Gambian-Canadian-American performer Khadija Mbowe is a video essayist and self-described socio-cultural anthropologist and “cool, fun, *young* millennial aunty.” In her videos she sits on her floor and sometimes talks to her friends, sometimes does video essays. Khadija has half a Sociology degree, half an English degree, and a whole degree in Vocal Performance, focusing on Opera. She’s also …

Polaroid photo of performer, writer, producer Jaime Lyn Beatty slumping and sulking in a fancy armchair

Jaime Lyn Beatty

Jaime Lyn Beatty is a multi-talented versatile performer, writer, and producer. She’s a founding member of the viral sensation Team Starkid. She’s performed off-Broadway, headlined two sold-out national tours, starred as “The Mermaid” in a Super Bowl commercial and written and hosted original shows for Google and Netflix. She was named Broadway World‘s “Best Featured Actress in A Musical” in 2019. …

Photo of the six members of all-girl Ukrainian rock band, the Sixsters, silhouetted by a setting sun behind them.

The Sixsters

The Sixsters are six talented award-winning kids from Ukraine who love to play rock. The all girl band was founded in the spring of 2018. “The Sixsters” means “Six sisters” inspired by the fact that the six girls have become like sisters due to their love to music. Unlike other teenagers’ bands which are usually …

Photo of green tree leaves by ASMR artist Calliope


Calliope is an ASMR artist who’s been creating ASMR videos on YouTube since December 2016. Her specialties are personal attention, medical, and pseudoscience RPs. But she’s delved into everything since she started making videos. Even though “whispers” is in her YouTube channel name, she doesn’t do a lot of whispering in her videos because she’s …

Illustration by Meg Hunt of a highly stylized blue fish in green water.f a

Meg Hunt

Meg Hunt is an illustrator, mentor and maker of things. You may recognize her work from picture books like “Interstellar Cinderella,” “Reading Beauty,” “Werewolf There Wolf,” “Send a Girl The True Story of How Women Joined the FDNY” and more. A Society of Illustrators gold medal recipient, she has done work for New York Times, …

Birdstrips comic about birds and what it means to be human.


Birdstrips is a daily webcomic about birds and what it means to be human, created by Jess. Patreon supporters get extras like digital wallpapers, process pictures and videos, sketchbook pages, and workshops. In addition to also being a fine artist, Jess produces a podcast with pal, Fiona, called Art Horse, about stepping out of your comfort zone. …

ASMR Jonie

ASMR Jonie

ASMR Jonie has been creating both English and Spanish language ASMR content on YouTube since 2015. She specializes in makeup and medical role plays. Jonie brings a genuine warmth to her videos that will leave you feeling as though you’ve just spent time with an old friend. She may just be the hardest working woman …