Wellness with Wambui

Wellness with Wambui

Wellness with Wambui is a wellness advocate, peace bringer and dream-maker questioning who gets to breath, access wellness and be whole and who doesn’t. Seismic shifts in the yoga industrial complex starts from within and leaves no one out. It means dreaming, imagining and remembering how to be in relation first with yourself and then sharing the love with community. I place special emphasis on creating healing spaces for people of the global African diaspora. However, I am deeply cognisant of the fact that anti-blackness hurts everyone, even those who seem to benefit from it on a material level. I create spaces and content meant to inspire and appeal to open-minded fellow human beings to lead a healthy lifestyle. By taking up the practices of yoga, meditation and ancestral healing, we can return to our most natural, authentic, happy selves. I’d like to see wellness spaces engage more in social justice + collective change and activist spaces learn to breathe deeply and practice sustainable self-care in the midst of dismantling and abolishing systemic oppression. This is my definition of community care. This is an open space for all who are interested in seeking liberation from the habituation of white supremacy and systemic oppression. This is an open space created in the spirit of Ubuntu: I Am because We Are. Join us in the marvellous, messy transformation and evolution of our collective human potential.

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