Abigail Spinner McBride

Abigail Spinner McBride

Abigail Spinner McBride is Abigail Spinner McBride, High Priestess of the Family of Fire, Singer, Musician, Bard, Dancer, Muse, Ritualist and Mindful Maker of Magic. This is an online sacred space where they can share new music and magic, ceremonies, writings, videos and connected moments. They are very blessed, and so thankful for the support they’ve had throughout the years. Partnering with them as a patron enables them to create more content and to upgrade their recording studio. For this, they will be eternally grateful. In return, they can offer special rewards. Patrons can receive access to exclusive content: first listens to new music, sneak peaks into their studio and creative process, polls, Q & A, group discussions and more.

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