About Patron Hunt

Patron Hunt was founded and is operated by internet entrepreneur, Kirsten Lambertsen. Kirsten founded her first web-based company in 2000, BeautyRiot.com. After selling BeautyRiot in 2009 to Total Beauty Media (later sold to Evolve Media), Kirsten held full-time leadership roles at companies like Automattic (operator of WordPress.com), GatsbyJS and Codecov.io. She’s also done a great deal of product management consulting over the years for startups and giant enterprises, alike. Oh, and she’s launched a couple of failed startups along the way.

Lambertsen launched Patron Hunt in early 2021 after starting a Patreon for a personal comic book project. She spoke with a number of other Patreon creators and learned they had the same frustration as she did: nobody helps small creators build their audience. They were spending way too much time on trying to win the social media algorithms and not enough time on their craft.

Because makers and creatives are just that, and not professional marketers, Kirsten launched Patron Hunt with a mission to help independent makers and creatives grow their supporters by amplifying them.

Lambertsen believes we can build a world where small creatives can support themselves with their work and where everyone supports at least one or two creatives with a recurring monthly patron pledge.

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