Abrian Curington

Abrian Curington

Abrian Curington is a visual storyteller, cartographer and part-time sailor. For the last nine years, she’s been making and publishing comics through her company Blue Cat Co., resulting in multiple digital releases and three successful Kickstarter pre-orders for a full-length graphic novel (Woolmancy) and two graphic novellas. She incorporates her childhood love of science into her work, creating GIS maps, weaving in factual information into her fantasy work, and creating informative travel journals of her trips aboard research vessels as a science communicator. Truly a unique creator!

Abrian Curington

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From Abrian Curington’s Patreon intro

Since joining Patreon in 2014, this community has helped support my work, which spans a wide berth! I love exploring all sorts of topics and activities, which result in various projects, from publishing books through my company Blue Cat Co., to making informational blog posts about navigation by the stars. I love all journeys! My Patrons have been integral to the creation of three graphic novels (Woolmancy, Bellmage and Style Quest) as well as several short stories (The Gates, Tricon Rugara and more) and eBooks (Press-Ready), as well as non-fiction works about ocean sciences. All of these stories can be browsed at Blue Cat Co – Stories.

I use Patreon to share all that I’ve learned about creative life, the creative process, my workflows, opportunities, etc. People like to keep secrets in the art world, and I like to uncover them, sharing the answers with you! I also share tons of sneak peeks of what I’m working on and what I’m learning, often asking for the community’s help in making decisions.

We create together.

We journey together.

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