Addie Broyles

Addie Broyles

Addie Broyles is a writer, podcaster and mom in Austin, Texas. They have written about food, family and cooking as a columnist for the Austin American-Statesman since 2008. Way back in 2001, they were a cub reporter working at The Aurora Advertiser, their hometown newspaper in Southwest Missouri. Their class graduated right before Sept. 11. Their 20th class reunion is supposed to be this summer. Ahead of (hopefully) reuniting with their classmates in person, they’re having one-on-one conversations with them to find out how growing up in a small town shaped the following 20 years of their lives. You can hear those conversations on “Class Reunion: The Podcast,” which launches this summer. They had so much fun at their 10th class reunion, and they’re already looking forward to this one, especially after the year they’ve had.

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