Aloha Plenty

Aloha Plenty

Aloha Plenty is a McMaster Calling. They feel good, experiencing aloha touches and opens the individual heart to shine its perfect light. The light of the soul. Once touched by aloha, your light and your Aloha touches those around you to ‘feel better’ and connect with their light and aloha… creating a ripple effect that expands further and further… touching hearts, opening to feeling good and sharing their light… literally lighting the world with Aloha. This is what ’our hands were made for’, using the gifts we were given… the music, stories, and art of Aloha… traditional Hawaiian slack key guitar and ukulele and storytelling. The call was clear and strong. Kupuna opened their hearts and light to them, guiding them as they found the way. The islands, the universe, and the ancestors shared amazing experiences, music, and stories with them and in turn they share them with you. James Kalei’ipio Kahea Mawae of Molokai, one of the kumus said, Slack key brings family together.” Over 10 years of nightly sunset serenade by Hanalei Bay and Kepuhi Bay and 25+ years of weekly concerts amidst mountains, taro patches and endangered birds have called together people from all walks of life and corners of the world. Together they all share ho’oponopono making things right, opening hearts, letting go of hurts, healing, connecting with nature, experiencing indescribable feelings of peace and aloha. They all have become ‘ohana with strong, abiding connections. They have hanai’d a world-wide ohana of Aloha spirited people, yes, that’s YOU. And YOU have hanai’d us. They are always in our hearts. The biggest frustration has been having to wait for aloha time together between your visits to Kauai. Emails and newsletters enabled keeping in touch Somewhat NOT ENOUGH! It is time for more Aloha in our world. We need to reach outside of the island of Kauai. To be connected year round. And Patreon gives us a way to do that together. We can be there for you always, no matter where you are. No need to travel to get a little Aloha in your day. It’s right here, right now, whenever you want/need it. No boundaries of time and space. Together they are growing to present live nature and sunset slack key serenades… where they come together (physically and virtually), making things right, opening their hearts, filling with Aloha, letting their lights shine, growing peace and aloha around the world. And through the stories, recordings, and videos they create together, they will leave this Aloha Plenty legacy to carry the mission and the call forward.

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