Angelique Giron – Write for Healing

Angelique Giron - Write for Healing

Angelique Giron is a writer and a facilitator/coach/mentor/teacher. They were waitlisted for New School’s Creative Non-Fiction MFA program, so they’re almost good enough. They are currently copywriting a bit for other coaches and healers as they expand their workshops and coaching inside Write for Healing – a place that encourages and teaches others the power of writing and its ability to help overcome difficulties in life while crafting their transformational narratives. They’ve helped other clients launch their self-published books so they can get out there and be the change makers they want. They LOVE writing and love helping other writers blossom and flourish to use their writing for personal growth and expansion. They’re a former high school English and writing teacher. They’ve also been a travel agent and have worked in the fashion industry – everything they want to do, they do (and have done). So here they are. Writing and here to inspire you to be your big, happy self. Writing and returning to their most amazing inner-knowing so they can help you do the same makes their heart sing always, and they’re so glad to have you here on this journey with them.

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