ArchaeoArtist is Zofia, a podcaster, classical archaeologist, and the artist behind ArchaeoArtist. Since 2015, Zofia has been creating social media outreach about the archaeological work and travels Zofia has been on, and now Zofia is branching out into podcasting, graphic novellas, and other creative projects about ancient history while working on a PhD. Zofia has collaboratively curated exhibits in Canada, and most recently, at the Museum of Classical Archaeology in Cambridge University which featured Zofia’s artworks and public engagement project at Roman Aeclanum. Zofia’s work in museums and as an archaeological outreach coordinator has inspired Zofia to continue the lessons Zofia has learned through these experiences into online engagement. Through Zofia’s website, ArchaeoArtist, Zofia shares Zofia’s passion for communicating ancient history through art, blogging, creating educational materials. In 2020, Zofia launched a podcast called Two Friends Talk History, continuing on in a new format that explores topics across history with researchers & practitioners in fields of heritage management, archaeology, history, and more. Upcoming projects will be explored behind-the-scenes on this Patreon: you will get access to advanced posts, art and graphic novella projects, educational resources, and more to inspire and excite people about ancient history. Zofia is always available to discuss bespoke outreach work for educators in heritage, archaeology, classics or private commissions. You can contact Zofia on social media @archaeoartist on Facebook and Instagram.

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