Photo of a graying Japanese man seated at a desk, focusing intently on something he's working on with a pencil

Archipel is a team of two foreigners based in Tokyo making documentaries about Japanese creators. From gaming, manga to illustrators, their documentaries cover a wide range of fields and are all available ad-free on YouTube. Their stated goal is to be able to capture as many profiles as possible in order to build an archive of Japan’s creativity. “Through a variety of videos ranging from portraits, interviews to longer-form documentaries, we aim at providing peeks in the universe of mangaka, illustrators, game creators, musicians (and more), in addition to insights on various aspects of Japanese culture.” In addition to Archipel, they’ve launched Cutscenes, a secondary channel where they’ll be sharing content about actors of the game industry, made in collaboration with Japanese game media Game*Spark. Patrons get access to their Discord server.

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