AsMR Cosmonaut is Ira. They recently started to create ASMR videos, but ASMR became a part of their life a few years ago. They can’t imagine their life without it. They like to be a part of ASMR community and want to make content with better quality. For this reason they need financial aid to buy a new binaural microphone. On YouTube they will post lots of ASMR videos with pleasant sounds. They really like to make Medical, Haircut and Make Up Role Plays. They prefer soft spoken videos, but they’re also going to make a lot of whispering parts in their videos and also no-talking videos! They try to take care about translation, try to answer almost everyone, complete their requests! They need your support because they should buy new equipment and different objects to make different sounds and give lots of tingles. They’re not going to ask too many – if you don’t have an opportunity to help them here, you can just write them messages/comments and this support will be also appreciated. They hope you enjoy that they’re doing.

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