Badass Cross Stitch

Badass Cross Stitch logo which looks like a skull and bones done in cross stitch

Badass Cross Stitch is Shannon Downey, a queer art activist who lives full-time in her RV “traveling the United States (and hopefully the rest of the world when the borders open back up) in an attempt to know everyone and trick people into hanging out with me by teaching them how to embroider.” All this embroidery teaching has a deeper meaning, as BCS simultaneously engages folks in hard conversations around political and social issues, then figures out the barriers stopping them from taking more action on those issues, solves for those barriers, and nudges them onto their path as activists. She’s created a Patreon for the purpose of holding community with her avid followers from social media in a more intimate environment not curated by some algorithm. And that community gets up to all kinds of good things like stitch-ups, community projects, craftivism panels, radical skill share trainings and much more.

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