Bannerlord Online

Bannerlord Online

Bannerlord Online is the ultimate sandbox experience, providing a multiplayer experience that is as close to the original game as possible. They provide a complete cooperative experience on the global map, ensuring that every squad, battle, bandit hideouts and other events are fully synchronized. Time doesn’t stop during battles – move around the world, visit cities, trade and fight in the arena while other players participate in battles. Join existing battles to turn the tide of battle. Player progression starts off as an unknown character, but you will gradually find allies and opponents in this world. However, each hero now has a real player behind it, not a scripted AI, and unique perks specially designed for multiplayer as well as a redesigned experience bar for each skill await. The player-controlled economy is designed so that the players themselves produce raw materials and deliver them to the workshops while working in the villages. Workshop owners produce food, weapons and armor, and then deliver a finished product to the market. The finished product is in demand by military units and serves as an aid in military campaigns. Teams can always find goods on the market that should be delivered to another settlement. It’s easier and more fun to do it with your friends, of them when it’s time to equip a caravan. Almost all weapons that are in the original game are supported in battles, which can be fought in the arena in cities or in real, bloody battles.

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