Because Language

Because Language podcast header written as "Becasue Langauge"

Because Language is a show about what’s going on in linguistics, the science of language, with linguists Daniel Midgley and Hedvig Skirgård and smart person Ben Ainslie. They tackle topics like language change, language and society, language technology, and their popular feature, Words of the Week. Word nerds, this one’s for you.

In what was meant to be a casual chat, cognitive scientist Dr Mark Ellison answers galaxy-brain-level questions about how language works. Why aren't we more efficient with language? How do we know when something has gone wrong in a conversation? Why don't we just talk in a flat monotone all the time? Why do fairy tales start a certain way? Why is it so tiring to speak another language? Fortunately, he helps us keep our eyes on the ball for this episode.
  1. 68: Lazy in a Good Way (with Mark Ellison)
  2. 67: Words of the Week of the Year 2022 (live with friends)
  3. 66: ChatGPT Wrote This Episode (with Daan van Esch)
  4. 64: Struggle Pile (with Kelly Wright)
  5. 62: Language in Spaaaaace (with Hannah Little)

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