Because Language

Because Language podcast header written as "Becasue Langauge"

Because Language is a show about what’s going on in linguistics, the science of language, with linguists Daniel Midgley and Hedvig Skirgård and smart person Ben Ainslie. They tackle topics like language change, language and society, language technology, and their popular feature, Words of the Week. Word nerds, this one’s for you.

82: Girl Dinner (live with our patrons and friends) Because Language – a podcast about linguistics, the science of language.

Our patrons are joining us live to give us their news, words, and stories. That's right, it's a Potluck episode! What's a "girl dinner"? What's the other name of India? And how is AI helping translate an ancient language? Thanks to all our great patrons, and especially those who joined us for this episode.
  1. 82: Girl Dinner (live with our patrons and friends)
  2. 81: Mother Tongue (with Jenni Nuttall)
  3. 79: A.I. Hype Hosedown (with Emily Bender and Jack Hessel)
  4. 78: Forensic Linguistics, Really (with Helen Fraser, Georgina Heydon, Diana Eades, Seán Roberts, and Steph Rennick)
  5. 77: Big Tent (live with Aris Clemons, Caitlin Green, Rikker Dockum, and friends)
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