Alexandra, a frontend web developer, is the creator behind bigmoodenergy, producing videos about transit and cities and “other stuff” (with great info and a sense of humor, we might add). The first series she’s working on is titled, “Failure and Success of Great American Transit” a collaborative project with her friend, Javier, who studied and works in planning. And it just so happens that Alexandra is a gay trans woman.

Now, before you wonder “why would anyone be interested in videos about transit,” think about how big a part of your day getting from Point A to Point B occupies. How many times a day do you transport yourself, somehow, from one location to another? (OK, maybe think about how often you did that BEFORE the global panini.) Transit is a gigantic factor in just about everyone’s quality of life, and the U.S., in particular, has chosen to prioritize personal vehicles as its primary form of transit for its citizens. Then, take in the fact that bigmoodenergy’s videos, at the time of this writing, are averaging several thousand views each. Yeah, maybe transit is pretty darned fascinating after all.

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