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Black Girl in Maine is Shay Stewart-Bouley, the creator of BGIM Media, a digital space for in depth discussions on racism and white supremacy, a podcast series and public talks, centered around the belief that we need to look at who creates the narratives that we read and believe. Says Stewart-Bouley, “In most places, the narratives are fed to us by white people who are often unaware of their biases and prejudices that are often projected in the messages they share, which in turn, tends to keep things like white supremacy and institutional racism alive and well, in both subtle and overt ways.” By day, she heads up the oldest continuously running anti-racist organization in the United States, Community Change Inc. In 2011, she won a New England Press Association Award for her work writing on diversity issues.  In November 2016, she gave a TEDx talked entitled Inequity, Injustice… Infection. And in case you were worried she wasn’t staying busy, in June of 2021 she was elected Commissioner-Elect D1 of the Portland Charter Commission.

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