BlackComicsChat Podcast


BlackComicsChat Podcast is Grace Gipson, Thelonious Legend, Marcus Kwame Anderson, Leo Faierman, and Anthony Otero. They broadcast live on Twitter and Twitch, showcasing the work of marginalized creators (along with some “rando Twitch stuff”). The Black Comics Chat first started out as a Twitter Chat in 2014 before becoming a podcast in 2015, featuring interviews and promoting independent creators of color and their work. Since then, they’ve grown into an audio roundtable for black and brown geek fandom, especially how it relates to independent creators, all the while engaging a live streaming audience on Twitter via Youtube. They also host bonus Kickstarter episodes (nicknamed The Jumpoff), where they delve into special live projects with their creators, discussing funding, goals, and investigating tips for Kickstarter hopefuls (a huge amount of BCC Kickstarter guests have been fully funded). They also attend conventions and post special short interviews taken from the floor.

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