Bugbyte & Delade

Illustrations from the comics Messenger and Follower including a "chio" in profile, a young white woman smiling.

Bugbyte & Delade are a husband and wife team of creative individuals based in Buffalo, New York. Together, they create comics, games, stories, and other products from their (in their own words) “all-too-vivid imaginations.” They’re best known for their two web comic series Messenger and Follower, released under their joint banner, Radio Chio. Messenger is the story of a band of survivors making their way in a post-apocalyptic future. Akiara Kenakobe escapes her tribal home on the wasteland following the death of her best friend, Luke. With only her sword for company, she soon begins to make new friends: a Messenger on his way to the afterlife, two fuzzy Chios named Eldora and Finnegan, and someone completely unexpected. Follower is the story of a secret military project to create lab-grown warriors to unleash on a world that’s in the process of falling apart. Whether or not these new lifeforms are ready to face their destiny is another story. Follower is a prequel story to Messenger.

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