Caracal is a personn or group of people who want to replace, a replacement for that. Video encoding is rather cpu intensive so the servers they need to run Caracal cost more than your typical website. The only funding they have is through their subscribers, so the only way they’re able to stay running and grow is through everyone’s support. Free users are able to use their surplus server space and wait in a queue for a room, while subscribers skip that line. They want to add additional cosmetic features to the $10 tier in the future, but for right now you can think of it as a pay what you want system. If you want to support them and the dev team more then consider the $10 option, otherwise $5 will be the exact same at the time of writing. Due to the way Patreon works, you’ll be charged on the date you subscribe and on the 1st thereafter. If you’d like to make a one time payment simply unsubscribe after your payment has gone through.

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