cerebrollo is Marli. They dedicate themselves to hunting down creative projects and they’re passionate about studying their impacts on the Internet in order to track the mutation that human creativity is experiencing as it is very violently crossed by the most saturated information. Motivated to give solution to their own brain, they decided to create methods and spaces to manage the mental roll that creating, starting or being independent in Latin American contexts. Since 2019 they have learned many things while @cerebrollo continues to grow. They’ve managed creativity for +170 brains with two things in common: they are a bit (very) addicted to knowledge and they work in self-management while creating projects with the resources that they have. They mix a management of creative processes with concepts from physics, language and neuroscience in order to prevent you from expectations, regain energy and change the concept of time for one where freedom reigns. They’ll be very happy to meet you, they hope that what you achieve in this space helps you organize your ideas and find solution to the creative blockages. Your participation in Patreon is very important for my research to be nourished by your brain. See you soon.

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