Christina Lisowska

Christina Lisowska

Christina Lisowska is a Product Marketer for SaaS businesses. They can be engaged in different ways: product development, market fit, or explicit connection of marketing and sales systems. They gather insights between the needs of a client’s stakeholders and the realities of the market in the context of the available resources and people in a team. They build systems in the services preferred by a client. In their experience, businesses are always different with individual needs. Therefore, each time it is a choice from scratch where, how, and what exactly to track for end-to-end analytics. They love to understand business architecture. They can write unit economics, business plans, marketing and sales strategies or scripts. They can help to design sitemap/mock-ups and pack product details on the website, if this will increase a profit and they’ll get a reward. They can organize the flow with Agile, Scrum, or Kanban, if a client likes it. The second thing they care about is emotions. They mean empathy and senses. For a common view, we all have different feelings and visual associations. Sometimes they have some mood connected to a specific song or orange color that make them feel the taste of oranges on their tongue. They all collect memories and create new neural connections in the brain. They just happened to be that they have synesthesia in a few rare ways. Their brains had those connections from the start. In their senses, pain and touch are colored, music and voice have colors too but more transparent. Smells have shape and transparent color, even taste has some color. Their dreams have no difference to reality, you know. All feelings are included, not the way as if you’re watching a movie or something. So for them, it’s all more like 4D and a really cool way of living. #They use the following tools: Google Analytics, Serpstat, MOZ, Ahrefs for analytics and management of digital presence. Grammarly, Copywritely for content. Tilda, Canva, Figma for mock-ups to work with designers and website developers. Google Drive for collaborative documentation. Salesloft, Maropost, Snovio for email cadences. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Telegram, Quora, Medium for social networks and posting content outside their own and partner’s blogs. Scrum, Agile, Kanban for project management in Asana, Jira, etc or the company’s internal service.

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