Colin Frangicetto

Colin Frangicetto

Colin Frangicetto is planning an art show in a house instead of a gallery. He wants to do more remixes, finish his 2nd solo album and multiple musical side project collaborations. He wants to write and publish his first book. He wants to do workshops on sacred creativity all over the world. He wants to finish the multiple screen plays he has half written. He is a musician, visual artist, writer, podcast host, seeker, critical thinker, psychedelic advocate, public speaker and a plethora of other things that he has yet to officially become or have the courage to call himself. He does all of these things independently as well as collaboratively and he’s been doing them “full time” now for well over 15 years. Colin feels insanely lucky that one or perhaps a few of the things that he does has somehow connected to others and made them want to support him in a more direct, concrete and sustaining way and for that he CAN’T THANK THEM ENOUGH. He plans on putting a lot of thought, care and energy into this and he looks forward to building something that makes them even more proud and excited to support him. Colin Frangicetto wants to create a community of new and old friends that is centered on a sharing of interests, relationships and questions that tend to inspire us. He wants to talk about art, music, films, books, food, health and all the other things with us. If this grows into the community he’s imagining that it could, he’d love to eventually throw patron only events where we can hang in meat space.

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