Crime Scene Terrariums

Crime Scene Terrariums is recounting personal experiences with the supernatural and past lives. They’re often unpleasant. They’ll be sharing long-form videos of ritual work at their altar. These recordings are created to calm the atoms and welcome all fellow spiritualists. They have a keen eye for the dark and unsavory. Their aim is to create 2-3 new videos exclusively for Patrons every month. The Utopian Hope is to support their mother, who has struggled and worked their fingers to the bone for their entire life. They’re a deeply empathetic and selfless protector who has earned peace and comfort a thousand times over. They exist to create. Their imagination will never run dry. Boredom is an incomprehensible state in their world and if awarded the freedom and time to baste their life with the eccentric… they will never disappoint. The first of their children’s books is made specifically for misfit kids who struggle to find their place in a structured world. It will highlight the beautiful mystery of Autistic children.

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