Cynthia Lin

Tight headshot photo of Cynthia Lin, Ukulele performer and instructor.

Cynthia Lin, creator of the #100DaysofUkuleleSongs project, shares ukulele tutorials and arrangements for free on YouTube because she believes that “(i) everyone has the ability to create and make music through teaching ukulele, (ii) i can help more people access their creative abilities (iii) the joy and creative empowerment of making music can change the world for the better.” After six years of touring and traveling with a Taylor guitar, she was tired of constantly worrying about grumpy flight attendants and passengers who might inadvertently cram their luggage on top of her instrument. The size of the uke attracted her, and the cultural phenomenon that the Uke has become won her over.

Now she plays uke everyday. She teaches ukulele classes three times a week, performs jazz ukulele gigs a couple times a month, and has written several songs on the uke. Her ukulele video tutorials have become more and more popular, and she loves sharing the joy that comes from simply strumming, singing, and playing the uke. Cynthia believes anyone can learn to play and enjoy making music on the uke and that there is nothing more magical than making music.

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