Dad’s Gaming Addiction

Dad's Gaming Addiction

Dad’s Gaming Addiction is really a shame that a lot of us don’t get to do what we actually enjoy doing as our responsibilities tend to come first. In other words, we do what we have to in order to make ends meet whether we like it or not. That’s where Patreon comes in. They wanted to give their fans a way to show their support and to help them to continue making both written and video content. I should stress that they do NOT want their fans throwing money at them if they’re barely making ends meet themselves…they and their family come first. There is no obligation and they’d feel incredibly bad if their fans felt pressured into contributing. With that said…if their fans do want to show their appreciation for the content they’ve created thus far, they welcome their support. The money they receive will go toward purchasing more games to cover along with better recording/broadcasting equipment.

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