Danielle Klassen

Danielle Klassen

Danielle Klassen is a horror writer and general nerd living in the wilds of Canada. For years, like many artists before them, they have been working the back roads of the creative highways of the internet, writing reviews, creating serial fiction and all manner of other weird things, including a couple of book projects that you can find on Amazon. The thing is, they love to learn and they have been trying to figure out a way to integrate their degree in communications and a second degree that combined their love of all things language, folklore, literature and pop culture into something tangible that would make these achievements more than just fancy papers on their wall. When they came up with this podcast, the idea was simply to have some content that they wanted to hear out in the world. As they’ve been working on these first episodes, they realized that they landed on something bigger than they’d expected and it’s become something they’re very passionate about. The podcast is about lore, tropes and familiar stories that we see in pop culture media but ultimately, it’s about giving space to talking about the media we consume and really looking it over for what kinds of things it says about us and what it can teach us. In developing this concept and working on it, one of the biggest snags they’ve come upon is how often the information they want to bring to us is wrapped up in places that we cannot get to unless we’re a student or we know someone. Part of creating this podcast was to create something where you could get those resources and you would have access to that information without it being buried in a text book that costs over two hundred dollars or it being locked away behind a database paywall that you might not even be able to access all of it. For those who are scratching their heads about them talking about this on Patreon, rest assured that while you can get early access to links and show notes, that information is always going to be available to you so that you too can do your own research and find resources to help you whether you’re writing a paper, or you’re just wanting to know more.

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