Daxes Hacks

Daxes Hacks

Daxes Hacks is an admirer of technology, both consuming and creating it. On YouTube, Daxes Hacks reviews technology products (launches and crowdfunders) as well as projects for contests and participations in events. Additionally, Daxes Hacks attempts to explain the use of new technologies and how to apply them to your everyday life. They are a featured sponsor on crowdfunding pages like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, as well as subscribed to private information lists, so they are often informed of new projects in their early stages to be able to take advantage of the most attractive first-level, which is usually limited, as well as access exclusive offers, discounts, and additional gifts (even for their referral network). You, as part of the community, can be aware of this. Daxes Hacks is an engineer by profession and hacker by passion, so they analyze the products not only from a point of view of “end user,” but they like to take features to the extreme, even if it’s possible to make hardware or software changes. There are still unknown technologies for Daxes Hacks, but they like to learn new things, and it’s much better to experience them. Daxes Hacks likes new challenges, and they consider that nothing is impossible.

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