Derek Alan Siddoway

Derek Alan Siddoway

Derek Alan Siddoway is an avid reader and writer of fantasy books. They were born and bred up in the American West and fell in love with books such as The Hobbit, the Chronicles of Prydain and many others. When they started writing their own books, this western upbringing and love of fantasy collided. The result? Fast-paced epic fantasy with heart. When they weren’t reading, chances were you could find them catching Pokemon, raising monsters in Monster Rancher or watching Digimon. Their fascination for magical creature companions makes an appearance in many of their books, from Gryphon Riders, Wolf Song Saga, Djinn Tamer, and now, Mana Beasts. They’re blown away by readers like you who support their author journey through buying, reading and reviewing their books (or becoming a Patron).

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